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The Little Rascals - Mush and Milk (Dutch subtitled)

Published 1933

Episode from The Little Rascals/ Our Gang with the title: " Mush and Milk"

When Cap’s back pension finally comes, he treats the kids of Bleak Hill Boarding School to a day at the local amusement park.

This episode is partial subtitled in Dutch.

Run time 16:44
Audio/Visual sound, black & white

Credits, Cor Draijer, who did the 16mm transfer to MPG


Reviewer: Greg K - - October 1, 2007
Subject: Bad print or transfer....sound cuts out
Lousy print or others have said, the sound cuts out frequently, especially during my two favorite parts: Tommy singing "Just Friends, Lovers No More", and during the phone conversation with Spanky and Snub Pollard. This should be removed if the error cannot be corrected and re-uploaded. Pointless to have it here with the sound dropouts.
Reviewer: ThinkingAmerican - - May 1, 2007
Subject: Not so awesome!
"You kids put that milk on your mush and eat it. BAAAAAA!"

Fantastic short that features some of the more famous lines in the Little Rascal (Our Gang) catalog. I remember watching these as a kid and this episode was one of the best. The great thing about Our Gang shorts is that they were very accurate - they showed the real life world of kids without censoring any of the ugliness and stereotyping that modern media (thankfully)can't get away with anymore.

Visually, the transfer is wonderful, even charming. The sound cuts out fequently though, including during some of my favorite lines. Also, the better-quality version of this 18 minute short is positively HUGE - 800+megs!

I think the poster did a good job convincing me this WAS indeed in the public domain. See his post.
Reviewer: Filmcollectief Zandvoort - - April 28, 2007
Subject: Public Domain or not?
Well, I got the information from:

The problem with the public domain stuff on DVD is that the creator of the digital version has also some rights. But I transferred a 16mm version to MPG all by myself. So indeed when a company owns the negatives and spend a lot of money to transfer/digitize it, they have some rights on the digital version. But, as far as I know, not on my digital version, because I created it myself.
So if someone feel the need to react, please do!
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